Founder/CEO: Doris Mensah (Redipack)

Redipack is a packaging business which aims at producing eco-friendly packaging at a pocket friendly price for business operators. The key objective of the business is to contribute to the reduction of the use of plastic bags in the country thus saving our environment.

Our eco-friendly packages which include (paper bags, cake boxes, cupcake boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes and more) have been engineered to accommodate cold items.

Founder/CEO: Rans Ankomah Karikari

AIN is an online learning platform targeted at tertiary students.  Our unique tech-ed portal seeks to provide through education a paradigm shift from the current theoretical systems to a more practical system using technology and innovative tools in the areas of science, medicine especially in the rural and deprived communities in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

 Our team comprises six (6) smart undergraduates; four (4) men and two (2) women of the KNUST

Founder/ CEO: Grace Ofeibea Ofori-Agyei

Citrus ‘n’ Spice Toilet Spray is an all-natural lady’s product with disinfecting and fragrance properties. The base ingredients include formulated citrus, natural essential oils, local spices, glycerine, water and acetic acid.

The product acts as a bacterial dis-infectant for toilet bowls and seats as well as an air freshener.

Founder/CEO:Boakye Dacosta Jnr

Earnest Writes (EW) seeks to provide a safe space for its writers from all across the globe. This safe haven encourages our members soar to endless heights.

We strongly believe in the words of Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Hence, we ask every aspiring and hidden writer to let their story out. Unleash the inner writer, tell the story or write the poem the world wants to read and let us help you gain new heights!

EW currently has over forty (40) young volunteers across the globe working hard to achieve excellence in all our projects.

Founder/CEO: Annie Nana Adwoa Abedi

Dainty Tubers seeks to provide organic frozen foods (fruits, vegetables and seasoned proteins) for easy, fast and convenient cooking.

 We provide pre-peeled, pre-sliced, and seasoned ready-to-use tubers that is, yam chips and ampesi (plantain) slice, sweet potatoes chips, cocoyam chips and slice, plantain slice and cassava slice.

Jocob Cobbinah

Adzepa Heritage is an online marketplace for all Made in Africa products especially, artisanal works of African origin. Adzepa is an Akan word which denotes quality.

The online portal provides a multi-vendor experience connecting our customers to trusted African artisans, suppliers, resellers and manufacturers.

Adzepa Heritages sources its products from talented young African artisans whose handiworks are made from their native ores thus, provides a comfortable African feel and standard for our customers.


The founder/CEO of Adzepa Heritage is a third-year undergraduate of KNUST pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Science.