The Kumasi Innovation Hub (KI-HUB) is an initiative of the Kumasi Business Incubator under the Centre for Business Development of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology (KNUST) Kumasi, with startup funding from the World Bank Group through the Ministry of Communications under the eTransform project. The World Bank recognises innovation and entrepreneurship as essential for addressing development challenges, such as sustainability, poverty reduction, and inclusive growth. Thus innovation and entrepreneurship represent one of the four pillars of the Global Practice on Trade and Competitiveness Strategy, together with Trade, Investment Climate, and Competitive Sectors.

The KI-Hub provides platforms such as, a maker’s space, co-workspace and tech labs for the nurturing of innovative ideas and fostering entrepreneurship among young people by:

  1. Creating an environment for tinkering and building of devices and prototypes through business
  2. Providing a world-class environment for enhancing the acquisition and sharing of knowledge.
  3. Creating a platform for pre-incubation of innovative business ideas for admission into business incubators.
  4. Providing innovative and entrepreneurship skills development training and opportunities.

Management Team